What is Physical Culture?
BJP School of Physical Culture (not-for-profit organisation) was established approx. 125 years ago & has been empowering girls ever since. There are approximately 200 clubs across Australia.

The choreography is made up of different routines to music and changes annually. It is designed to teach the relationship of movement to music, rhythm & co-ordination. It is age appropriate & aims to develop:

  • * Good posture
  • * Fitness
  • * Flexibility and strength
  • * Balance and co-ordination
  • * Discipline
  • * Confidence
  • * Self-esteem
The routines are learnt throughout the year with individual & team competitions held at a local, state & national level towards the end of the year. 

‚ÄčSee the link below for more information on Kawana Waters Physie.